Sunday, December 14, 2008

French Toast

This Sunday morning Delia had some French Toast for Breakfast. The camera likes to work for food pictures. :)
We also had some strawberry muffins from a mix first thing this morning, but we ate those before the camera started working.
Coming soon: The Christmas Tree Adventure


charlotte said...

Why must you always show such yummy food pics? You make me so hungry. One morning you are going to waky up and find me sitting in your living room waiting for breakfast.

Serafina said...

That would be AWESOME! Usually when you come and stay you have to leave too early for breakfast (or maybe it just feels too early since we always stay up too late) but maybe these photos will subliminally influence you! Miss You!!!!

A Chicken said...

I'm surprised there was a box of mix in your house to begin with.