Sunday, December 28, 2008

Good Morning

I heard little footsteps in the hall outside my bedroom door, so I rolled out of bed and slipped on my robe and tiptoed out. There was Delia, waiting at the top of the stairs. Her face visibly fell as I came out into the hallway.
"What's wrong, sweetie?" I asked
"I just hoped it was Dad getting up instead of you." She said dejectedly.
"Good morning to you too." I said, and went on into the bathroom to brush my teeth.

Then I came downstairs and went into the kitchen to start the coffee and make some breakfast. She scuffs in and I say "I'm making pancakes."
"What's that for?" she says, pointing to the bowl of roasted carnival squash I've just taken out of the fridge.
"I'm going to put it in the pancakes, like when we roasted that pumpkin and I made pancakes with that." Those pancakes were a BIG hit, she actually liked them, but I guess she forgets...
"EWW GROSS!" she screams. Why, I think to myself, is screaming necassary? My coffee isn't even brewed yet.
"Get out of my kitchen." I reply angrily.

And of course, nothing is ever easy, I have to wash dishes before I can start to cook. Delia shuffles back into the kitchen a few moments later. "Can I just have scrambled eggs?"
"Of course." I say. She is satisfied, she goes back to her cartoons.
There is an egg in the pancake recipe. I'll scramble it before I add it to the flour.


annihilator! said...

"There is an egg in the pancake recipe. I'll scramble it before I add it to the flour."

You've stumbled onto one of the secrets of life in that sentiment. I love you!

Emma said...

I can commiserate with "oh it's you" sentiment from your child. I was the first one up to greet my little man this morning. When I walked in with a smile on my face he looked at me, scowled, screamed, and said Daddy - mas Daddy..... can you feel the love? :)

Charlotte said...

My girls prefer their daddy too. Ahh, little girls.