Monday, December 29, 2008

Prayer Request

Keith's Grandma Virginia was in a car accident today on her way to work. We don't know very much, the accident was at three PM and they're just now talking to a doctor (at sometime after 10 PM). Constance says that she seems OK except for a very elevated blood pressure and some facial bleeding from where she hit the windshield (she wasn't wearing her seat belt). It is an impotent distress we are feeling, Keith is just now home from work and Delia is of course in bed, he will drive to Clarksburg if there is any news, not that we can do anything... Send good waves out to Grandma Virginia, she has always been the strongest one, of all the terror and tragedy I imagine in my darkest moments I never thought that anything would happen to her. Please let her be allright.
Update: As of 11:30 PM, things seem to be OK. CAT scans revealed no damage, and aside from various strained muscles, Grandma Virginia appears to be whole and sound. The doctors sent her home with a bit of pain medication and the warning that she'll probably feel worse in the morning. Constance is keeping a watchful eye, but appears satisfied with the doctors pronouncements. Thank You God.


LadyElmo said...

Sending love and prayers your way!!!

Charlotte said...

I am so sorry that happened. I am glad she seems ok, I will still pray for her.