Sunday, December 07, 2008

Pizza for Breakfast

Delia comes downstairs around 9:45 and I say, "What do you want for breakfast?"
She says "A nice, toasty piece of pizza!"

So this morning we have pizza for breakfast. That's what I had! Last night was D&D night, we got 4 pizzas from the Bakery, so we had a bit left over. I ate the last slice of Veggie Masala and a slice of the Pollo Verde. Delia is having Pepperoni and Banana Peppers.

She berated me for heating the slice of pie in the cast iron skillet, "Dad always does it in the microwave." she said. But to this I say "ARUGH! Bread Abuse!" Because bread does not like microwaves, not one little bit. And good pizza is good pizza because the crust is good bread! So to anyone who has leftover pizza and does not wish to consume it at room temperature, I highly recommend that you heat it up in the oven, or as I do for one little piece, in a covered iron skillet over low heat. The crust will thank you!


Patsy said...

I am wondering where you found the picture taker....
MAMA (a.k.a. Santa's helper....)

Serafina said...

My camera will sometimes come on. I read up on the e18 Error I've been getting and other users found that it is an intermittent thing. Usually I beat it mightily against my hand and curse at it, and it comes on once in a while. I know there is something wrong with the lens, it makes a kind of grinding sound when it tries to extend. I am just making due till Santa Clause brings me one that works properly. :)

Charlotte said...

I am now hungry for pizza. That looked yummy.