Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Long Time No See

Delia and I were watching The Seeker : Dark is Rising tonight and about 7:00 this massive thunderstorm hit Morgantown. This occurred during one of the climactic storm scenes in the movie, and when the thunder rolled it shook our windows and I thought the house was going to fall in and we both yelled and threw ourselves at each other. It was terrifying. But not as terrifying as earlier in the movie when we first realize that our hero is being pursued by otherworldly creatures, a mall cop transforms into some kind of monstrous crow - it was so scary it reminded me why I quit watching scary movies. Thankfully it was fairly brief, and the rest of the movie was pretty cool.

Delia came home from school early today, she was complaining of a headache and she had a fever, the school nurse said it was going around. I don't really understand what "it" is, but one ibuprofen and one episode of Drake & Josh, and she was feeling so much better she told us she could probably go back to school. It was too late to get back to school, so we made oatmeal/peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies and ate them and watched the movie. It was good. When she's feeling like crap is pretty much the only time she wants me to cuddle with her.

So for Valentine's Day my husband brought me a computer. It is the fourth most expensive thing I have ever owned, after my house, my car, and my engagement ring. I do not know how much any of those things actually cost, but I am nevertheless happy that Keith purchased them for me. I named the computer Valentine, someday soon a translucent red hardshell case will be arriving via UPS from Until my new Mac is sufficiently protected, I am keeping it by my bed. Where I surf the internet and type silly self indulgent blogs over the wireless that my husband installed on Valentine's Day. He's the awesomest. But not just because he buys me stuff. Because he buys me stuff I Want. He also took me out to Maxwells where we shared each other's dinners (I had Calypso Mahi Mahi with Shrimp and he had their Famous Crabcakes), and then we listened to Prairie Home Companion as we drove across town to the Barnes &Noble to get a cup of coffee, and the whole time we sorta gushed at each other about how awesome we are. The PHC radio show was filled with listener contributed poems and songs, all about love. And when I heard the dedications going out to couples who had been married for 30 years I just cried and smiled. Cause I could feel a palpable desire coming from the other side of the car, not just desire, but intention, to be married thirty years from now Still To Each Other. And it was really that feeling that made my Valentine's Day the greatest.

Here is the poem from PHC that made us laugh out loud... You must imagine it in Garrison Keilor's voice to get the full effect.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
These are Lillies
I hope you like them.


A Chicken said...

How romantical! I am jealous!

Anonymous said...

Do you know anyone who has been married 30 or 40 years?

Serafina said...

Of course I know somebodies who have been married thirty or forty years! (Mom, you ought to sign in to post!)

My Mom and Dad got married in 1969, that puts them at 40 years this summer. My Aunt Barbara and Uncle Eddie have been married at least 30 years since Chicken there is thirty. My Grandparents were married for a long time, I can't remember the date but it had to be over 60 years. Aunt Norma and Uncle Dave have probably been married for close to 60 years!

It can be done. Keith and I got a jump on most folks though by getting started early.

annihilator! said...

We're almost halfway to thirty years already!

Simonetta Clan said...

How very romantical! You guys are my favorite couple, ever!
We had the stomach flu all weekend so needless to say it was not romantic.
There is a flu going around that starts with a headache and fever and then either turns into really bad poops or a chest cold so keep an eye D. My kids have been sick for 2 weeks. (damn that was a run on sentence wasn't it)