Friday, February 06, 2009

Lowest Unemployment IN THE COUNTRY!

It is nice to be on the top of a good list of statistics for once. Morgantown had an unemployment rate of 2.7 percent in December, the lowest in the whole country. Our homes aren't losing value and there aren't a ton of forclosures. I'm not saying we're "recession proof" as some in the media are suggesting. But I do think that folks in WV just might have an edge in this downturned economy. How much poorer can we get? We're already used to living hand to mouth and making due with less. :)

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, knocking on wood and all that, but Life is pretty good here in Morgantown. I'm just sayin'.


annihilator! said...

Life IS pretty good here! And today it isn't even freezing....

Anyway, yay for spreading good news! I love you!

Simonetta Clan said...

That is great that you are on a good list.