Friday, March 20, 2009


So our little family made it through another week! Hooray! Spring is here, but the temperature dropped into the thirties today and my hands are STILL cold. How I envy my loved ones in Sunny Mexico.

Keith got a new computer at work, which had trouble communicating with the other, older computers in his office. While he loves his 22 inch monitor, he didn't love the fact that PageMaker refused to function. Last week, after several frustrating delays during production, the final straw was that their printer couldn't open the PDF files he brought. Lucky for him and the rest of the EXPO staff, some kind soul at the Post opened the PageMaker files and the magazine was printed. That convinced the boss to buy InDesign, which is the new industry standard. Apparently Adobe stopped supporting PageMaker several years ago. Who knew? I am pretty far behind the times as far as desktop publishing goes, and now I am completely out of the loop!
All this newness at the office translated to many hours of work for my husband. He and Kelly (the other half of the Fraley Publishing design team) both bought the same textbook to get up to speed with the new software, and they both worked long hours all week, culminating in a marathon Wednesday night that kept my husband out till 4AM. I know this because he woke me up coming to bed. I am amazed that Delia got to school Thursday morning, but she did because her dad is a real trooper.

Today I came home from work and fell instantly asleep. I have been staying up way too late working on a special knitting project for a special birthday, hoping for once to get it finished by the natal deadline (fat chance! It takes approximately 45 minutes for me to knit 2 inches of fabric, and unless I end up making this a potholder, it probably won't be done by Tuesday.) Delia came home from school and requested sushi for dinner, and since I HATE making sushi, Keith volunteered. The bag of sushi rice was Inhabited, so rather than incur the wrath of the 8 year old, I volunteered to go to IGS and get some. She surprised me by wanting to go with me. She hates shopping, but she LOVES the International Grocery store because they have really strange candy. Every time I go there I swear I'm never going ever again because they always gouge me on something I buy, this time it was teryaki sauce. This is the price I pay to get Delia interested in international foods. We came home with 4 jelly snacks (to share with Naomi) and a YamYam (which is like Pocky, if you know what Pocky is).

Delia's chopstick skills are impressive. She was picking up edamame beans like a pro.

I am off to work on my Knitting. Happy Spring everybody!

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Heidi Ho said...

Will you please take me shopping there? I would love to learn how to make sushi at home. Ogawa is getting quite expensive. It's our favorite date night location.