Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Cookout of 2009

Yesterday it got up to 80 degrees outside, and everyone was in a fantastic mood. After work I scooted home and cleaned up the kitchen and then sat on the porch in the WARM and knitted a little. Once Keith and Delia were home we decided to grill supper and enjoy the weather. There was talk of going to a park, but Delia emphatically dissed the Coopers Rock plan, so we let it drop. I called Angie to invite her and Trevor over, but had to leave a message. We headed out to the Giant Eagle to get charcoal and such, and we ran into Angie and Trevor there! Yay! They said they'd come over!

So everyone headed back to Edgehill House. We saw Danielle while we were outside and hollered over the fence for her to come on over (she lives next door). She was going to go over to Katie's house, so instead Katie (and later Chris, but only after he finished his chore of cleaning out the basement) came over. It was a full house, but it was awesome.

Delia and Trevor played a little Wii, then Keith went down into the basement and found the box with the Water Pistols, and the kids hosed each other down in the yard, amazingly not getting anyone wet but Keith. Later Danielle played Wii Bowling with the kids, I don't know who got "schooled" but everyone had a lot of fun.

Keith grilled NotDogs and Boca burgers, also he grilled a peppercorn pork loin (because Chris isn't a fan of fake meat) and a packet of veggies - broccoli, onions and zuchini. Angie brought yummy hummus, stuffed olives and pita chips. Katie brought Sweet Tea Vodka, which I thought sounded gross, till I tasted it. She'd had a cocktail in Charleston SC made with it, and we had a lot of fun trying to figure out what ingredients made the perfect drink.

We had a hell of a good time.

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