Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a lovely Mother's Day weekend. Delia spent the night with her Grandma Constance, and Keith took me on a Pre Mother's Day Date after work that included lunch at Maxwells and a movie, followed by a marathon D&D session in the Dungeon Basement. Four out of five nerds agree, the new Star Trek is awesome! The fifth nerd has so far refused to see the movie, on the grounds that they are violating the sacrosanct cannon of Roddenberry. I disagree, but then, I've seen the movie.

Sunday we went to Clarksburg for The Visiting. First stop, North View, to pick up the D and partake of an impromptu pizza party. I was alone in the living room when the Dominos Guy showed up. Tycho charged out the front door and began biting the pizza guy on the ankles. I chased the Rat Dog around the substantial delivery guy three times before I gave up. Tycho followed him back to his car, and finally I caught caught the bastard, but not before he ripped a hole in the poor man's pants. I said nothing.
We ate our pizza and my sweet daughter presented me with a lovely rose, a poster she and her Grandma had made for me, and a Mother's Day card which was stuffed with photos of Keith as a little boy. We visited for a while, Keith playing with the dog and Delia sitting next to me on the couch. She got up to go to the bathroom and demanded that Keith hold onto the dog. She's terrified of it now, and I could see why, because when she got up off the couch Tycho snarled and growled and barked violently. It was so violent it suprised me, but it shook Delia up something awful and she screamed and ran into the bathroom very upset. We left soon after that. I hate that dog.

Later, at Sun Valley, we had a lovely visit with Grandma Freda. She said she missed us at her Birthday Party and told us all about it. She said she liked my sweater, and asked if it was a maternity shirt. I laughed and said no, although it made me a little sad inside anyway. Wendy, Grandma's nurse, suggested that I only had one kid and it was not too late, how old was I anyway? It is almost funny how everyone has an opinion on your reproductive status (well, I guess it was Mother's Day). Keith and I have been having the discussion for two, maybe three years, and it came up again recently because we found out a friend is expecting. Husband says "why would she want to set herself back?" and I say, "maybe a baby would be nice." And he says "we only have a two bedroom house - end of discussion." So Quit Asking Me!!! I can't do anything about it without his, uh, participation.

ahem... sorry... anyway...

We visited with Mom and Dad a bit, I told them to rent Star Trek as soon as it came out. The Trek is something I shared with my Dad when I was a kid, and there is a scene in the movie where the Enterprise rises up in front of Saturn all dramatic like, and it made me think of him. I was telling him about it, and he was trying to tell me something back, but it wouldn't come out. We were both frustrated, it was rough. Then Mom suggested we get sandwiches from Subway and Keith and Delia went on the mission. I evidently hurt Mom's feelings by joking that I thought Subway was yucky (like Delia said, it is no Pita Pit!). We also got into an argument about measuring cups, household administration and pretty much everything else. It was great. We all calmed down once the oatmeal cookies I was making came out of the oven. Cookies can solve problems, or at least fill your mouth so you can't say anything negative for five seconds.

Delia spent a lot of time outside. The first thing she does is ring the back doorbell and then run around to the front door and ring that doorbell, then run back around. Grandma kept hollering "Come In!" every time the doorbell rang, and she enjoyed watching Delia race back and forth in front of the picture window. Then we did some swinging, Keith and I taking turns pushing her.

Keith helped me get another bucket of bricks from behind the woodshop. It is my way of transplanting a little bit of Sun Valley to Edgehill House. Another few trips and I'll have enough to build a second flowerbed.


Heidi Ho said...

Hey Tracy! Love reading your posts. I noticed in your brick picture that it looks like your folks lost a rather substantial tree? If they need help removing that, let us know. Jason has started a tree trimming business just so he can get out in the fresh air and work. (he hates being tied to a desk all day)

Delia is getting so SO TALL!!! She is a real sweetie! I love reading about your relationship with her. It gives me a glimpse into the future, you know??

: )

Melita said...

sounds like you had a wonderful mother's day! i love maxwells!!

annihilator! said...

This post made me sad.

Emma said...

I'm glad I'm not the only mom who keeps getting asking about reproductive status. One and done is our motto. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!