Saturday, May 09, 2009

A Quick Jaunt to Coopers Rock

Keith and I drove up to Coopers Rock yesterday about 5:30 pm. We jumped in the car to go to the grocery store, but my soul decided it needed a big dose of moss covered rocks rather more than the fluorescent lighting of Aldis. So we didn't have the camera, but here is a photo from our last jaunt up into that neck of the woods.

We didn't want to get deep into the woods and find the sun setting on us, so we stayed pretty close to the overlook this time. It still gives me a bit of vertigo when I step out onto the giant slab of stone. A group of turkey vultures was wheeling around for our enjoyment, I felt like I could almost reach out and touch them! It's almost hilarious to me that watching a group of buzzards hunt for their supper could lift my spirits so, but it did! We stood on the overlook till most of them were specks moving in the direction of town.

Then we wandered along through the boulder strewn stretch of woods nearby. I tried to get Keith to trek with me down among them, but he seemed to prefer walking along the tops. It was beautiful either way. Later he confessed that he was afraid we'd stumble on a bear. He's scared of bears. I kind of think we'd hear one before we got too close. What do you think? Anybody ever been walking through the woods and startled a bear?


Melita said...

luckily i haven't stumbled on a bear in the woods, i'd probably sh*t myself if i did ;) i, too, have been craving a trip to coopers rock. maybe this weekend.

btw, just got back from the farmers market and didn't see new day bakery there. what's the latest?

Serafina said...

We will be at the market next Saturday. Not to worry!

bnicholson said...

Yes, we have! We just kept very calmly walking. Bear didn't think we look like dinner I guess.