Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Harry Potter Philosophy

Spoiler Alert : If you have not yet read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, you might not want to read this.

Keith : I don't see why Harry, being Muggle born and all, doesn't think to get a rifle and shoot Voldermort in the head. I mean, you could apparate right into a gun shop, grab a rifle and a couple boxes of bulletts, then apparate right back out again before anyone could stop you. You could shoot Voldermort from 200 yards and apparate away before the sound of the shot even reached the Dark Lord, and if you did it right he'd already be dead.

Me : Um, well, even if he did it that way, honey, there's still that piece of Voldermort's soul in Harry, and the Dark Lord would just come back like he did after they defeated him last time.

Keith : Maybe, maybe not. It took him what, something like 8 years to reform last time? Just to make sure, I'd take that self same rifle and kill every Death Eater I could find, so he wouldn't have any servants to help him come back.

Me : So what about the point of the whole Snape storyline? Rowling is trying to show us that people are not limited to one set of choices, they can be good AND bad, and everyone has the capacity for redemption. You'd kill the Death Eaters, even though they'd have the opportunity to decide not to help Voldermort return? You'd become no better than him, if you did it that way.

Keith : Yeah, I'd be the best Dark Lord EVER! I'd get things DONE!

Me : I'm sure you would, sweetie. I'm sure you would.

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