Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Playing in the mud

This evening Delia and I got dirty. I mean, incredibly dirty, covered in mud, with dirt under our fingernails and between our toes. We decided we would plant some of our seeds, even if it was rainy. Well, I planted most of the seeds, Delia made little tags so we could remember what we planted where, and then she played in the mud. It was AWESOME! Yay for Spring!
Some of the seeds we found were leftover from last spring, so I don't know if they'll come up. I found some seeds I saved from the purple columbines in the backyard at Park Boulevard, and I really hope they come up, but if they don't I will collect some more and try again. I splurged on a packet of Lime Sorbet columbines. Can you tell I love columbines?
The trees framing my backyard have come into full leaf in what seemed like three days, and now we are surrounded by the green that helps us forget we are living in the city. There is a new little member of our squirrel family, and we love watching him chitter and race with the big guys. Things are Great here at Edgehill House.

I'm off to read another couple of chapters of the Percy Jackson saga. Really great tween lit, IMHO. The other night when we encountered Artemis the Huntress, Delia piped up and started asking questions. She knows that's her namesake, and I was tickled to see her showing an interest. Gotta go, Storytime is calling me (from the top of the stairs, at the top of her lungs).

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Melita said...

i can't wait for it to warm up and stay that way so we can get the gardens going!!