Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Night out with Friends

Yesterday our friends Charlotte and Dave came for a visit. Charlotte was our neighbor in the very first apartment building we lived in, back in 2004/2005 in Fairmont. Then when the city condemned our building, Charlotte and Keith and I rented a house next to campus. Those were the salad days! Several years later, after Charlotte had moved back to Fredericksburg, she met Dave, and the rest is history!

We had a fine time sitting around shooting the breeze. Around 8:30, we trekked down to 123 Pleasant Street to see Malissa and her most recent art show. We saw plenty of friends, old and new, and it was a lovely time. Malissa sold many of her pieces. This semester she had classes in printmaking and lost wax technique. Here are a few pictures of them.


Bryan L. Smith said...

isn't that one on the bottom yours?

Serafina said...

It is a print she made from the original, which is hanging in my house.