Sunday, July 26, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy

This Tree. I remember watching Husband take this picture when we were walking around at Coopers Rock last week. So this tree reminds me of Keith, who also makes me happy. We have a couple of friends going through breakups/divorce right now, and watching them reminds me how freaking lucky I am to be married to the man I love - who loves me back just as much.

Pizza For Breakfast. Harley is hiding behind my laptop, waiting for me to let my guard down so he can snag some. He's always been good at stealing food off people's plates. I heard a nasty cat fight a few nights ago and was terrified he'd been injured somewhere out in the darkness. But he wasn't, thank the gods. He brought us a bird that night. Cause he loves us.

Early Mornings. Yesterday (Saturday) I walked to work before the birds even woke up, it was eerily quiet. This morning I slept in till 8 and the birds are just winding their little music fest down. Nerfa likes to sit at the window at the head of the bed and watch the birds. Unfortunately he weighs 25 lbs and also likes to sit on my head. It can be difficult to sleep through that. Although sometimes annoying, I am actually glad Nerfa is my alarm clock. I will miss him when we go to the beach next week.

Dreaming of the Beach. Imagining my Sandcastle is a new favorite pastime, it works like meditation to calm me when I am anxious and it helps me get to sleep when I am restless. I know some people work their whole lives and never get to go on vacation, I also know some people travel for a living. We get to go somewhere about once every two years. I know Delia is looking forward to it as much as I am. Her energy is contagious. We'd already have the car packed if she had her way. We are going to have so much fun.


Melita said...

i really love this post. i love gratitude lists. i think they are so necessary and awesome. have fun at the beach. ryan and i just got back from delaware where we visited lewes beach for a day. i crave beach time. i used to live in va beach, va and really miss living by the beach. which one are you guys going to?

Serafina said...

We are going to Virginia Beach. What's on your "must see" list?

Five days, I can barely wait!

Melita said...

nice :) i definitely recommend going to sandbridge if you want to get away from the chaos and go to the "locals" beach.

you've gotta eat at the jewish mother, i really think you'll like it.

there is an amusement park around 15th street that delia might enjoy. not sure how long you are staying but there is oceanbreeze water park too -

and if you can get close to oceana naval air station to see and/or hear (trust me on this one lol) the jets - it's awesome. i used to work in the la promenade shopping center on laskin rd and that is really close to oceana. sometimes the jets fly over the beach too.

of course you've probably already checked out (but just in case):

let me know if there is anything specific you are interested in. my email is in case you have any other questions :)

bnicholson said...

You are one of the things that make me happy Tracy!
Have a great beach vacation.
Aunt Barbara