Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Date with my Daughter

Now that Delia is older, she and I find way more things to disagree about than to agree upon. That's why when we do find something to share, it is extra special. The current thing is Warehouse 13, a tv show on the SyFy network. It comes on after her bedtime, so we watch it together on my laptop via Hulu. It reminds me of the XFiles, only lighter and cheesier.

My girlfriends are all meeting out tonight at Genes for a drink, and I'm happy to have a Girls Night out, but first, Delia and I had to watch an episode together. Sitting on the couch, arms around each other, taking turns holding a frozen gel pack to keep cool on this sweaty August evening. We shared our suspicions as the agents solved the mystery. It was GREAT! Now we're caught up to current, and we'll only have one episode a week from now till the season is over.

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