Sunday, August 16, 2009

K-Mart has these little geraniums in their rapidly dwindling garden center for ONE AMERICAN DOLLAR each. I couldn't resist them, and may go back and buy a few more come payday.

Emboldened by the joy those two little flowers brought to me, I stopped at Lowes on my way home to see what they had in the "soon to die" rack. I can't resist the sad, neglected little guys, especially when they are on sale for a tiny pittance. This is a Lemon Butter fern, and it cost a quarter. I trimmed off the dead and dying fronds and it looks pretty respectable.

This guy is a Fluffy Ruffle, who also required a little selective trimming up. I brought him home for two quarters.

I had been talking about getting another jade plant, I haven't had one since we lived on Dewey, and lo and behold, this Baby Jade was there, begging me to take her home for a dollar.

Best of all, the Virginia Creeper was totally free, and is rapidly taking over the front of my house. Ryan says it will tear the aluminum siding off, but I have my doubts about that. I love the way I can see it reaching farther every day, and I especially love the scarlet color it turns in the fall.

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Melita said...

looks like you made out pretty well and on the cheap! i love bargains and i love plants!