Monday, October 12, 2009

Corn Maze!

Sunday we took Delia to the Corn Maze at Cole Farms in Jane Lew WV. It is a few minutes south of Clarksburg on I-79, incredibly easy to find. When you get off the highway at Jane Lew, there are signs pointing you in the right direction, you can't miss it.

They have a Haunted Maze on Friday and Saturday nights, and a Family Maze Saturday and Sunday during the day, which is what we did. It was super fun! Sponsored by the local 4-H and FFA clubs, they had a concession stand featuring homebaked cookies, coffee, cider, and HOT CHOCOLATE! Admission to the maze is $7 for all, and includes one pumpkin from the Pick Your Own Pumpkin patch for kids under 10. As usual, the folks who checked us in didn't offer that option to Delia, because she looks like she's about 14, and we didn't argue.

She picked a couple of pumpkins out at the Farm Stand which is in the barn across the road, they sell the produce that Cole Farms grows. Tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, corn, all kinds of squash, and of course, PUMPKINS! Delia got two small ones for $1.50 each. They had a few huge beautiful pumpkins, but they were $15 and up, so we just stuck to the little guys.

I got two luscious green tomatoes and we fried them up for dinner.

It was a nice way to get out and enjoy the crisp Fall weather. Also, the drive down I-79 is pretty spectacular in it's own right, the leaves are at about 60% of peak color right now. We literally "Oohed" and "Aahed" all the way down the highway.


Trisha said...

Ah, the 'perks' of being a tall kid. Didn't mom and dad carry a copy of our birth certificates to Disney??? Perhaps you could make her a small laminated card or something to put in her wallet? I know it was just a pumpkin this time, but next time it could be another fun thing for her.

Serafina said...

If you press the subject people don't usually give you any crap. They just assume she's older cause she's bigger and articulate. We've dealt with this since she was 4.

I don't think busting out a birth certificate to prove yourself right endears you to the waitress at the Chinese Buffet (or the 19 year old working the Corn Maze) anyhow.

Good idea about the laminated card tho, that lets Delia make the decision whether or not to challenge people's assumptions.

Emma said...

I totally understand the tall kid syndrome. My wee man is on 2.5, but he looks like a 4 yo. People expect him to carry on a conversation and when we tell him how old he is, they think we are lying. Beautiful pics btw!