Friday, October 09, 2009

What the Hells is wrong with me?

I get an advertisement from Big Lots in my e-mail, and I was leafing through it as I ate breakfast this morning. I noticed they have Shark Steam Mops for sale for $55, which is pretty damn cheap compared to most of the online retailers I checked out.

I also searched the internet for product reviews and came to the conclusion that the Shark is well liked by other steam mop users. I even watched this 4 minute long video review while I was having my second cup of coffee.

Unbiased video review of the Shark Steam Mop by the testing and editorial team. Let us put the Shark Steam Mop through the ringer before you spend your money.

I kinda want a steam mop! What the Hells? The only explanation I can think of is that last night Keith told me he wants to buy a guitar amp, and although intellectually I am fine with that, emotionally I think my selfish subconscious is screaming "hey, me too!" and that's why I fell madly in love with the first big ticket item I saw for sale, which just happened to be a Shark Steam Mop. Self analysis is grand...

Not that my house doesn't NEED SOMETHING, it's a terrifying abyss. I'm just not sure a steam mop would help, I think what I really need is a maid.


Bryan L. Smith said...

you should settle for a tattoo.

bnicholson said...

I had bought a fancy (for me anyway) Swiffer mop at Cost Co. - I had to have it. It was about 45$ then, and that was about 2004 or 1005.
Found it - still in the original box, unopened. Still had the movers sticker on the side of the box. Unopened bottles of the cleaner that it uses...crazy.
::heavy sigh::
Must be a genetic thing...

A Chicken said...

haha! Mom, I took a swiffer out of that house in Sacramento before you moved. You must've bought 2!

PS- Have you seen Harley?

Serafina said...

I got one of those Swiffer like thingies (made by Clorox I think) with squirty floor cleaner a year or two ago, but of course, I'm too cheap to buy the refills. I did knit up a cotton mop head for it so I could quit buying the disposable ones. I oughta save myself the $55 and just bust that old thing out, clean it up and fill it up with hot vinegar water.

And no, no word from Harley. :(

Melita said...

what we all need is a maid lol. sorry to hear that you haven't heard from harley yet.