Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pet Rocks

Some heartbreaking stuff went down in the extended family over the weekend and I burst into tears every time I think about it. I could never ever say anything that would make it ok, and I know that. So rather than try, I am going to go off on a totally unconnected rant here. Maybe it will cheer me up.

I am all for DIY projects. I am all for blogging too, I think it is supremely fun and informative and inspirational to read other people's blogs. And sometimes I get an idea for a project (mostly knitting) and post on my blog a little "how I did it" thingy for all 9 of you to see.
Today while I was schlepping around on the interestingnet distracting myself from things, I came across this blog post : Craft TuesD.I.Y's with Lisa Lopez: Pet Rocks

Go, look at it, and then jump back over here. I'll wait...

If you need an internet tutorial to tell you how to play with rocks, you might be a freaking idiot. If you are so inept that you couldn't figure out from the first picture how those regular rocks became the charming frog, bumblebee and ladybug, I don't understand how you accessed the website in the first place. Maybe this bloggerlady is really serious about updating her content on a regular basis and was running low on challenging craft ideas... I just don't know. I particularly hate how you need a glue gun. NO YOU DON'T. You can use plain old Elmer's School Glue to stick on the googly eyes and felt scraps. What kid that is little enough to want to play with pet rocks is old enough to use a hot glue gun! This is so utterly ridiculous I just can't get over it. Not the fact that this mommyblogger and her kid made cute Pet Rock animals, but the fact that it became a tutorial on the internet. If you want to spend your freaking free time making heirloom paperweights, go right ahead. If you want to make it a blog post, feel free! But if you look at this blog post and say to yourself "Gee, I was wondering what I could do with all those rocks my child enjoys playing with! And now I know, because it never would have occurred to me how to do this without your Crafty Guidance!" well, then, I don't know if we can be friends anymore.


Trisha said...

How funny that you wrote this... when I saw that post, I just thought... geesh, adding plastic eyes and icky felt doesn't seem very Eco-friendly to me.

both annoyed for different reasons.

Emma said...

As my dear boy loves rocks and animals - I will have to try this! Now...where did I put the hot glue gun?

Heidi Ho said...


Thanks for the distraction...and I totally agree.

Melita said...

really sorry to hear about all of the bad things that have happened recently. i love how you turned it around with pet rocks though! ;) hugs to you my friend. have a fabulous day.