Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nearing the End

The new year is only 2 short days away, so I figured I should work on my new year's resolutions. Last year I said I would park far away from the grocery store and walk more. This I can do, but only when I am alone - other people HATE the idea! The comment that convinced me to stop this practice was "Seriously? It might rain!" And inside my head I was all "Seriously? Are you Seriously Concerned About Getting WET?" GAH!
The WiiFit said I was 41 years old. So that right there is reason enough to get out and do more! Or stay in and do more as the case may be. WiiFit is pretty neat, I suspect it will aid me in my new year's healthiness goals. Delia is sure taking it seriously, she works out 2 hours a day.

I just started on the Knit Myself a Sweater portion of last year's resolution, three days ago. I failed to buy expensive yarn and did in fact purchase the cheapest yarn that contained some animal fiber. It is coming along swimmingly and I might just be able to keep this resolution, if Delia would quit badgering me to put it down and play WiiFit with her.

Last year I decided I wanted to laugh more, and have made a little progress in that area. My D&D pals make me laugh - there is something inherently funny about pretending to be an Adventurer. Nothing was funnier to me this year than watching my mighty Fighter fail his will save and become petrified, pee his pants, and have to be shoved out of the fight by his gimpy little girlfriend. Well, maybe watching him DIE 10 times was funnier. Now we are slated to start our new game on January 2, and I can't wait to see what there is to laugh at in the city of Cauldron.
Other than D&D, I still find it difficult to laugh. So I can just make that one a continuing resolution - try to laugh more. The world is a funny place!

Word has it that a bunch of our friends are giving up the nicotine for New Year's. I think that is a fantastic idea. I'm on board too. It is really hard to say it out loud but I hear it helps make it real. Probably the hardest resolution to keep, but I figure if we all work together it is more likely to stick. It makes me angry to even think about it, there are a lot of emotions tied up in the cigarette addiction! But I know plenty of people who have done it and so I know it can be done. One day at a time, that's how I have to take it. Breaking up with Joe again will be hard, but it is something that I have to do.

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Patsy said...

I got a very funny CD for Christmas. Even if you've heard it before, you should take a long drive or just go sit in the mall parking lot and listen to the unexpected. Does the cover photo actually picture the writer of these stories? I wonder.
Happy New Year.
from, Yo Momma