Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, Part Two

So we had a lovely Christmas Day, Delia woke us up at 7am, and we had a leisurely morning of food, coffee and divine present opening.

Then we went to see Sherlock Holmes, and it was super fun.

Then a bunch of friends came over, for food, spirits and excellent company.

Then one of the kids yelled, "it's raining in the living room."

And from upstairs I hear, "Hey guys, the toilet overflowed."

So then a bunch of freaking out ensued, and everyone scrambled for buckets, watering cans, coolers and the recycle bin to catch the downpour. The couch soaked up most of it. Bryan was quickest to respond to the water situation downstairs, while Ryan went up to the bathroom. I just stood dumbfounded in the middle of my living room trying to catch the water in my outstretched hands. It only took about two minutes for the deluge to abate, and only five more minutes to soak all the water up with a convenient basket of dirty towels. The kids were completely unfazed, they continued to play Wii on the other side of the room.

It was a Christmas Miracle. For reals, because last night I was looking at my Christmas bonus and thinking, "Gee, what am I going to do with this? Open an IRA, buy a CD, pay bills?" Those things are so responsible and BORING. Now I KNOW what I'm going to do with my Christmas Cash. I am going to buy a new couch. And possibly a new toilet.

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Emma said...

Oh dear Tracy - how I feel your pain! Sean got a bonus when he became a fed and we had earmarked it for our trip down under in January.....but our house had other plans. We came back from a weekend away to find that our bathtub had leaked from upstairs to downstairs requiring us to rip out the bathroom and start anew. It sucked, but I did get a new toilet :).