Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

This is the second Christmas Eve in a row I've come home to Edgehill House, after a grueling day of visiting, to find a pool of animal urine in my dining room... Oddly enough I am at peace with the situation and do not want to kill this particular cat.

Delia has a bad cough, and we left the cough medicine at my Mom's house. We're on I-79 driving back to Morgantown trying to decide if any CVS pharmacies would be open at 10 pm on Christmas Eve. The consensus is No. Delia pipes up from the back seat "Or I could just have a cough drop and suck it up. No problem."

My kid got everything she wanted for Christmas, on Christmas Eve, not a whim denied. It is wonderful. I can't help but wonder how the gifts her father and I have for her will fare in comparison. Will she be disappointed that Santa didn't leave her anything special this year, because she figured out that he wasn't real? I hope not. I think not.

I reckon we'll all wake up tomorrow and have a nice breakfast and drink some coffee and open presents, and be so delighted it will be like that scene in Harry Potter where he wakes up on Christmas Morning and Ron says "You've got presents." or something to that effect and Harry's eyes light up with incredulous joy.

And then we'll go to a movie.

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