Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Holiday Music Show

Delia is somewhere in this picture, can you find her?

I would like to preface this post with an honest admission. I am not completely rational right now. This happens, about once a month, and the only good solution is a pitcher of margaritas. Which I did not drink before going to my daughter's grade school to hear the kids sing. So be warned, that my perspective on today's events might possibly be a teensy bit skewed toward "I hate all of humanity."

The school moved the concert from the cafeteria to the gym this year. When I read that in the flier they sent home from school, I was relieved, because the lunchroom has always been very crowded at concerts past. I figured there would be lots more room in the gym. Hmm, I was wrong.

We got there at the appointed time of 1:45, but that made us losers because everyone else gets there two hours early. We stood in the doorway to the gym, with the other latecomers, while the wind whistled in all around us. There were too many people in the gym to close the door. I managed to push into the room far enough to see the kids, who were all sitting on the floor of the gym (except the 5th grade choir, who were on risers on the stage). All the students in the gym, together, with all the parents. At the same time. I felt like we were in some kind of disaster flick where the Emergency Alert System has instructed all residents to flee to the nearest National Guard Armory.

We got trapped in between some very perfumey ladies who managed to get some metal folding chairs and set them up on the gym floor (effectively creating a barrier so no more parents could get in the room), and some very obnoxious lady chewing gum and natting on to everyone (and then to herself) about what a terrible mess this was. I understood how she felt, but really... Please shut the hell up! The kids are trying to sing! Not like I could hear them anyway from where I was standing under the heater.

We stood in there, packed like sardines, chanting our internal mantras to try to avoid a panic attack, till the third graders stood up and I could see my daughter. She sang, we clapped and waved, I made sure she saw me. And then I got the hell out of the press.

I felt sorry for the little kid who threw up during the performance. I would have thrown up too if I hadn't gotten out of there when I did.

From the freezing, but at least not claustrophobic sidewalk, we listened to the rest of the show as best we could.

So here is my big question. "Who thought this setup was a good idea?" Let's cram EVERYBODY in the gym, we know that every parent and grandparent is going to show up at this thing. There were no programs, the kids were all sitting together on the floor of the gym, the only kids who got to stand on risers like it was a real performance were the 5th grade choir. And what happened to the Nutcracker Suite? I was all kinds of looking forward to the kindergartners and their red and green scarves, and I was disappointed. Oh well, things change I guess. (grumble grumble)

One thing is certain, EVERYBODY misses Mrs Lucas, and we all hope she feels better soon. Mountainview needs you Heidi!


Bryan L. Smith said...

That sounds horrible, and was obviously a clear violation of the city and state fire codes. Did everyone have 3 feet of clearance around them?

Serafina said...

Ha! The only thing in the joint with three feet of clearance was the pile of puke. The kids parted like the Red Sea when that poor little boy tossed his lunch back up.

Heidi Ho said...

AMEN..and.....ARGH!!!!!!!!!! This year's changes were not run by me at all. I was shocked to hear about it.

I am apparently in the same "mental state" as you....because I want to join your rant, if I may!!!! hahahaha

Not speaking specifically about your present situation...because I wasn't there...and I'm sure the kids did a fantastic job....and the sub is a great lady..but....
I sure hope I don't have to live "up" to that expectation next year. 700 students in a concert is enough to send me completely over the edge. It is truly a logistical nightmare.

I also can't stand the hum of gym lights. You work for months on lovely little songs, only to have all the kids sing out of tune while trying to match the hum of the florescent bulbs...The cafeteria, although crowded...has an acoustic decent sound... I know, I'm a total dork....but I love to have beautiful little musicians...not screaming "but they are just so cute" kids... Gyms are for sporting events, so people act that way when they are in talking, cell phones, running around little kids... No kidding, once I was even hit in the back with a kids toy while I was conducting (not at this school). I did actually have a yippy lap dog at a concert once too.

Did I mention what a crazy thing it is to teach the same "Holiday" show tunes from mid October until Mid 700 STUDENTS...?????
OHHHHHH I could go on and on and on ...I've never been a fan of large scale public performances. It is just too much for everyone involved...parents, teachers, kids...etc...

...and planning periods...they don't happen for the music teacher in a school from October on through Christmas...Every free moment is used preparing, rehearsing, typing programs, etc...

On a positive "note" (haha) I will be back effective January 4th. I had to do my 6 week postpartum recovery. I should get the OK on December 28th from the docs. We are hoping that we get good news and the ok to try again when we are ready.

I'm so sorry the concert had to feel that way for you. Makes me sad! :( I miss the kiddos. I will enjoy seeing them all and spending time making music in our gentle, sweet ways. AND, in your honor....I will be doing something with our lovely moon poem!

I am such a hippy chick music lady! haha It is truly about the process for me, not the product. I've never been a big fan of the "production". Give me a campfire and a guitar any day!!!

Seriously, thanks for posting this...It's nice to know that my past efforts haven't gone unnoticed by parents. You could be slightly biased though! haha

Hope to see you girls soon! Hug the kiddo and tell her good job from me!!!!!