Monday, January 04, 2010

Blogs I Read

Here it is, the first Snow Day of the New Year! What am I doing with my delicious free time? Surfing the Web, of course. As I was discussing with some ladyfriends around the Disco Ball on New Year's Eve, I read blogs like my sister watches TV shows. For Entertainment. So without further ado, here is my list of blogs I read in 2009.

Dooce Heather Armstrong is My Favorite Blogger Ever. She is Crazy, has a cute Husband, and some cute Daughters, and a mouth like a sailor, and she does not appear to give a rat's ass whether you like her or not. Which is why I like her.

mimismartypants This mimi woman remains pretty much anonymous in the bloggy world, and she has no advertisers on her site. Just funny observations about life. She also has an hilarious kid.

SouleMama Amanda Blake Soule blogs about life in New England, making things, writing, and raising four kids. She is not acerbic, she is not even particularly funny, but she seems to love life in the world and I really need a little bit of that every once in a while. She takes lovely pictures. When I die and get reborn on a farm in Maine with a husband who wants to have four kids, I will be ready, because I have read this blog.

TECHknitting I include this blog for any knitters out there, because it is my favorite blog on the subject. I have learned so many things from this woman's careful instructions, I feel like I owe her money! And the best thing is, this one time I made a hat from one of her patterns and put it up on Ravelry (which is not a blog but like Facebook for knitters) and she totally wrote me a nice note about it and it made my day.

Broadsheet is the feminist blog on It always provides me with something to get all het up over, or laugh at, or roll my eyes about. There are some sharp, funny women writing for this blog.

If you have a favorite blog, post it in the comments and I will check it out!


Trisha said...

um...dude, I watch TV to LEARN things! The quest for KNOWLEDGE... yeah, c'mon! ;)

...and what about MY BLOG?!?!

Serafina said...

Your Blog is listed right there to the right of this post on my blogroll labeled "Family Things."


Maria said...

Thanks so much for posting. I love reading your blog. Also, thank you for the lovely scarf you knitted me for Christmas. I have it with me every day. Maria

Melita said...

thanks for sharing these blogs. it's always nice to find some great ones :) i have too many favs already though lol. hugs!!