Monday, March 22, 2010

Onions, Broccoli and Lettuce

Delia decided on Walla Walla onions, and there were about a hundred of them in the bunch we bought at Lowes. Anybody want some onion sprouts? We planted maybe a quarter of them.
The broccoli went in next. Our little neighbor Elena (she's 4) helped take the seedlings out of the container. She said she likes carrots but not broccoli... maybe helping to grow these will change her mind.
The tag on the lettuce said to plant them 18 inches apart. I think we might have planted them too close together. We shall see! I wanted to save room for at least one row of beets, but they shouldn't be planted till all danger of frost is past.
Delia is serious about this garden, although she still refuses to touch the dirt, because there are worms in it.


Melita said...

yay for spring and planting :) i can't wait to get some things in my little garden. hugs!!

Heidi Ho said...

Your daughter was a wild dancing beauty today!!! Yay for spring and yay for kids! : )

Heidi Ho said... was a "folk" dance from it most likely had an Irish/Scottish heritage...

It was very fun!

Serafina said...

She does love some Thistle & Shamrock, that girl o'mine!