Sunday, March 07, 2010

Snow Hike

Coopers Rock State Park

The day use parking lot was inaccessible due to snow being piled across the entrance by the plow. So we did the best we could and found parking along the road like everyone else. Only got hung up once trying to get into a sace, and fortunately Lisa, Willie and Ryan were right there to give me a push. The park was fairly crowded. Plenty of people had the same idea of how to celebrate the beautiful sunshiny day.
Ryan and Willie played a little snowball baseball with Ryan's walking stick.
The road was plowed only a little ways in. Less than half a mile, and there was two feet (maybe more) of snow on the ground to contend with. Hikers who had gone before wore down a track about 12 inches wide. If you stepped off that track, you could expect to sink a foot or more into the snow. Good thing I wore my legwarmers! Delia wore her high plaid rubber boots.
Delia and Willie climbed up on a roadside rock when we took a rest stop.

We hiked the three miles from the gate into the heart of the park and rested for a while in the picnic shelter.

This picture is the view from the blacktop where I lay on my back after hiking for almost 6 miles without a dry place to rest. It was pretty tiring. I could have taken a nap.
Hiking in to the park was a bit more fun than hiking out... By the end, everyone but Delia had wet feet. We did six miles in three and a half hours, including resting and answering nature's call. (That part was so not fun in two feet of snow, at least for the girls!) Not bad for the first hike after a long winter's break!
Afterward, we celebrated with dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. All in all, a super sweet Sunday!


Anonymous said...

I love your pictures. That Dee is really growing up. She's a keeper.
Love to you all.

Melita said...

i was curious as to how cooper's rock was looking now. looks like fun! loving your new owl background (i heart owls). hugs!!