Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How the Garden Grows

It has been a bit rainy here, and while I don't necessarily appreciate that (it kept us in the house and off the bikes yesterday) the garden sure does!
The lettuce looks about ready to harvest. Delia has informed us that she is not eating any of it. That's OK with me, because I think I could eat it all. Just not all at once.
As you can see, broccoli and lettuce aren't the only things growing in our raised bed. We have been invaded by some hostile Hostas. When we built the second railing for the front steps I transplanted a clump of hostas from one side of the steps to the other. They didn't fare very well, because they didn't have much soil over there. I left them for dead, and thought nothing of it when we built the raised bed over their final resting place. Boy, was I wrong! They have been poking their little leaves up through the lettuce! I knew I should have lined the raised bed with landscape fabric. Oh well, live and learn!
Hopefully I will be able to dig them up and move them somewhere else once we harvest the lettuce.
Veggies and Hostas can live in harmony!

And here's a quick peek at the Feather and Fan swatch I'm working on for Madison Brooke, our new niece. Surprise Baby! I hope I can get this layette knitted before you turn 1!


Trisha said...

New Niece? Who? Wha?? Ummm... I didn't have a baby? That leaves.... ummm.... unless you are using "niece" in the way my one friend has her kid call me "Aunt".... but I still dont' call him my nephew.... When did this sweet baby make her entrance?

Serafina said...

She was born to Keith's sister Stephanie on April 19 at UHC weighing in at 7 lbs 3 oz. Surprised us a bit, but any excuse to knit a baby sweater is a good excuse, I say.

A Chicken said...

WOW! Keith has a sister?!?!

Melita said...

hostile hostas lol :) i can't wait for all of our garden goodies to grow so that i can devour them :) hugs!!