Monday, May 24, 2010

Social Studies Fair

We arrived at Mountainview at 3:45 as prescribed, with project in tow, into a veritable sea of chaos. So we set up next to Trevor, but were later instructed to move over to the third grade table.
Trevor, looking right dapper in his black suit. Dr John Dee would surely have been proud.

Naomi had an earthy environmental themed project that was delightfully garlanded.

It was a long afternoon. Crowded, noisy, chaotic - but there was a table full of cookies and soda. I don't know when they'll announce the winners, but it was an honor just to be there.


Patsy said...

I'm so glad you posted. Daddy and I love the photos. Dee looks so nice and her Daddy's thumb is an indication of good fortune!
Nice to see Naomi and Trevor too.
I know they will all take home trophies.

A Chicken said...

Who's the creeper in the first pic behind Delia?

bnicholson said...

Wonderful photos, great to see the projects. Why is the creed orange? Did Dee find sulphur?
Yay Delia!