Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fine Arts Night

I said, "Stand next to your art so I can take your picture." and here she is, my cooperative daughter. That's her mask, "the one that everyone thinks looks like a bear," she said. It has yarn accents. Good use of yarn, I thought.
Trevor was much more enthusiastic about being photographed. His Mom said that his mask looked just like him, and we all cracked up. You can't see it in this picture, but Trev has a huge red, yellow and black ruffled nose ring protruding from under his giant purple schnoz. (just kidding)
I tried to find Naomi's mask, the names were written on the inside so I was peeking under each one, but Delia admonished me "God Mom, quit touching the masks!" Her mortification amused me slightly, but really, I guess you would get kicked out of a museum for touching the art, so I quit. We will just have to guess which one belongs to Naomi, but I am betting it is sinister and comical at the same time.

And that was it. Every kid in Mountainview evidently made a made a mask for Fine Arts Night. They were crazy fun.

Many other kids were getting ready for a band concert, but I served my time earlier this week in that cafeteria. So we all got the heck out of there, stopped at the Dairy Mart for Good Humor treats, and headed home. Thanks to Angie for carpooling so Keith didn't have to be late for work again.
Here is what I started on Fine Arts Night. I think it will be a hat. Maybe. It is actually a sock pattern writ large. We shall see...

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