Thursday, June 03, 2010

Camping, Part 3

We went through 3 bundles of firewood. Making a fire is an essential ritual when we go camping, and we had very little trouble with it this trip, as it didn't rain and we had plenty of dry wood. Menu planning wasn't seriously considered, I only packed a couple cans of beans, some stew, one package of weenies and trail rations. We roasted weenies for every meal except lunch on our big hike day. Next time, I am going to bring some vegetables!

Carson gave us a Coleman campstove, and man, was it way more convenient for making coffee! Nothing compares to camp coffee, even if it does look an awful lot like mud.

I got a bit of knitting done, it was relaxing. But I ran out of yarn before I finished, so I unraveled my would-be hat, wound it into a ball, and started again. Next time I am bringing more than one ball of yarn too.

All you need is a campfire and a can of beans, or in our case on Sunday night, a can of beef stew.

I can't wait to go back out into the woods. Delia has consented to camp out at Tygart Lake sometime at the end of June, so I guess I'll have to wait till then. Happy Trails!

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