Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Squirrel Nutkin

Made for Zoey's second birthday. Her Mom suggested this sweater made by SouleMama as something she might like. I didn't have the pattern for the Zimmerman sweater so I made it up as I went along, basing it very loosely on the Green Zebra Baby Sweater I made for Billie James. The lace stitch is called Fancy Trellis and I found it in my Reader's Digest Guide to Needlework (thanks Aunt Norma). The buttons are from Jo-Ann's, Zoey's Grandma Pat and Grandpa Stan helped me decide which ones to go with, these won out over the heather purple and ivory.

Once I see how it fits the Birthday Girl I will be able to make final adjustments to the pattern and hopefully publish it here for anyone to try. I also know two little girls in Northern Virginia who might send me their chest measurements and favorite colors! I really need the practice changing the pattern sizing, and they are long overdue for some knitted goodness.


Prisoner of the Universe #2-16 said...

I remember when you took this photo. [In the yard at the Valley.]
When the gift was unveiled, everyone saw the tag and made much of the hand stitched motif on it.
You GO Girl!
Nice job!

bnicholson said...

Tracy, this is beautiful! I love your creativity!

Trisha said...

Yes, dearest sister, the sweater is awesome! I have yet to tie Zoey down to put it on... but soon. I'll bring it Sunday so you can check the sizing.

Now can you make one in GIANT me size?! hehehehe :)