Thursday, July 01, 2010

If it's Broken, Fix it.

The sprayer on my kitchen sink broke a few days ago. Today we got around to going to Lowes and picking up a replacement nozzle. It cost around $6. * The repair took a whole 5 minutes, a large portion of which was spent looking for a screwdriver.

First, just make sure the water isn't running. I didn't have to shut it off under the sink because of where the sprayer hose is connected. If your sprayer operates without the faucet being turned on, then you probably have a fancier sink than I do, and might have to turn the water off under the sink. Be careful, spiders like it under there.
Unscrew the broken nozzle from the coupling that is attached to the hose.

There will be a plastic washer at the end of the hose, take it off. Then you should see a metal ring (called a clip ring) in a groove near the end of the hose. Pry it off with a screwdriver. You may need to cuss a little to accomplish this. The old coupling should then slide right off. Put the new coupling on and put the new clip ring (which is a tiny piece of metal shaped like a C) on where the old one was. You might need to use pliers to squeeze it on there, and also, cussing may help.

Put the new washer on, and screw the new nozzle on top of that.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. Seriously.

* While we were in Lowes, Delia wondered aloud if they sold lemon trees. I bet her a dollar that they didn't, and we asked a bored looking girl in the greenhouse. Sure enough, they DO sell lemon trees. But the lemon trees were looking pretty sad, so Delia picked out a lime tree instead. As we were walking to the car, she said, "You owe me a Dollar." I said "I bought you the Lime tree, it cost $5 so you owe me $4!" She didn't give me any money, because evidently, I am a sucker.


Prisoner of the Universe #2-16 said...

Cussin' always helps. And if you don't hit too hard, a smack with a hammer on SOMETHING helps, too.

Serafina said...

Ohh boy, I am too strong to go hitting things with a hammer to release my frustrations. :)
I was jumping up and down trying to squeeze that little tiny ring on the end of the hose, and it was Keith who thought of using the pliers. He's smart.

A Chicken said...

I want a lime tree! Maybe I should go to Lowe's this weekend.... How tall is it?

Serafina said...

It's not much of a tree actually, it is about 8 inches tall and has about 14 leaves. But it does come with a money back guarantee!

bnicholson said...

My kitchen sink faucet is leaking. Well, more like it is spraying water all over me occasionally, intermittently. Think it needs a new washer somewhere in its innards.
Maybe I'll go to Lowe's after work tonight. I have pliers!
nd, maybe I know where they are.
Oh Dear.