Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Two Little Kittens who don't have any mittens - or forever homes for that matter

Orange kitten, we have been calling her Ginger (since we think she is a girl, before that we were calling her Conan). She is very friendly and loves to be cuddled. She wants to come inside, but the vet warned us to keep these guys away from Jack and Nerfa till they've had their shots, which will probably happen next week.

Grey kitten, he's very timid. No one has been able to pet him yet. We don't know for sure what his gender really is, because no one can pick him up. I'm just going with the pronoun HE to make things even.

These little guys have been living on the back porch since sometime last week, before which time they were spending an awful lot of time in the street. I really wish I knew where their mother is, I would take her to the vet and get her spayed. As for these cuties, I really want to find forever homes for them, but in the meantime, we'll do our best to make sure they're safe and healthy. They are probably around 6 weeks old, and I think they have ear mites, but otherwise they are eating solid food and are alert and playful. We'll learn more once we take them to the vet (which is not cheap when you are taking two at a time!) If you would like to adopt one of these guys, or know someone who would, PLEASE let me know. We will get together with you and M-SNAP and make sure they don't continue to contribute to the heartbreaking cycle of homeless cats in this neighborhood. Animal Friends, the local no kill shelter, won't accept them directly from us, we would have to take them to the pound first. I hope it doesn't come to that.

It goes without saying, Please spay or neuter your pets and encourage your friends and neighbors to do so. M-SNAP can also help if you know of any feral cats (in the Morgantown area) that are breeding unchecked.

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