Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Coopers Rock, January 3

Delia went back to school Monday, so Keith and I went back to the woods. It was COLD. Twenty-eight degrees or thereabouts when we got to the park. The main gate is closed for the winter so we had to hike the Roadside Trail in. We made it about a mile before I decided I was just too cold (and possibly, out of shape) to do all 6 plus miles, and we turned around and hiked back out. Two miles is better than nothing! And we found this really incredible frozen puddle. I think it looks like a geode.
It was really warm here in WV on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, but we just didn't get to spend much time outside. All the snow melted in the fifty plus degree heat wave, but then it rained. The frozen mud along the trails looked like some kind of exotic coral to me, but didn't really photograph well. Many little puddles had thin crystal like surfaces with no water underneath - they sounded like tinkling bells as we crunched over them.
Jack Frost was certainly at work here, although there was no snow, there was plenty of ice!
Those ferns look like Christmas curling ribbons to me.

When we got home my Xmas present to myself arrived from Columbia.com, a new pair of hiking boots! My old ones proved they were no longer waterproof during last year's Great Snow Hike, but now I am ready for some serious snow action in my Laman Peak boots!

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