Monday, January 10, 2011

Cowl Girls

Here are a couple of marginally unflattering photos of me and my sister wearing our Mobius Cowls.

This one is knit in Noro Kogarashi color #9, on size 11 needles. When I snapped this pic my sister squealed! I hope she's ok with the fact that I am publishing it to the internets. It was either this one or the one with half of her face cut off and the camera looking right up her nose, so I went with the lesser of two poor photos. Maybe my New Year's Resolution should be to learn to take better pictures!

This one was knit in Quaking Maples Farm Handspun color Maple Spring on size 9 needles.
Delia snapped this at my request, but she wasn't taking the photo shoot very seriously. At least the camera strap isn't in this one!

I was inspired to knit the Mobius cowl on New Year's Eve, as it was a portable project that wasn't too fiddly but also satisfied my need for learning something new. If you don't know what a Mobius strip is, apparently you are not alone! I was shocked by how many people at the NYE party had never heard of one. Later I tried to explain it to my daughter but she doesn't believe me. One side, one edge, that's it kids. That's geometry, and math, married in another discipline called topology. Weird, wild stuff, and super sweet knitting!


Trisha said...

um... I told you I'd take a PICTURE for you! jeesh!

Serafina said...

Ok, if you send it I will replace that one!

Serafina said...

PS I think you're beautiful no matter what!