Wednesday, January 26, 2011


sometime earlier this afternoon it started snowing. huge gigantic enormous clusters of snowflakes so outlandish they made me laugh out loud with joy. later walking home, the snow, now more normal looking, was still coming down heavy and wet and fast. even though things feel quieter in the snow, you can still hear the flakes clicking down against each other like ice cubes into a glass only under a microscope. it covered me up, half an inch of snow on my shoulders and scarf. i imagined just lying down in the hammock in my back yard and letting the snow bury me.

i found this bag of turnips in the crisper last week, and they had sprouted these lovely yellow fronds. so they went into the window, one at a time, and I watched the leaves turn green. they found the light, chlorophyll knows how to find the light in winter. they are smarter than i am, i think.


Trisha said...

I think I've been on Facebook too long... because at the end of this blog post, I literally looked for the "Like" button!

Prisoner of the Universe #2-16 said...

Your veggies are sprouting way better than my poor sweet potato.
Gotta give a green thumbs up to my scientist farmer daughter.

Serafina said...

Seester, HA! I just quit putting these on the Facebook, but if you follow GossipDuck (on facebook) you can probably "like" them on there.

Mom, I have honestly been watching for my sweet potatoes to sprout so I can plant them! The Veggie Rejects are the only houseplants that are holding their own this winter.

bnicholson said...