Saturday, September 17, 2011

Minerals and fossils, oh my!

Keith and I went to Mont Chateau to the gem and mineral show this afternoon. It is a lovely place out on the edge of Cheat Lake, used to be a lodge of some kind but now houses the WV geological survey offices. There is a hiking trail that connects the place with Coopers Rock, which I intend to hike one day soon.

There was a fella right outside the event center selling geodes from Mexico and other destinations exotique. He had a huge saw and would slice your rocks open so you could see the magical world of crystal formations inside. I had brought several geodes with me that my Dad had probably purchased from the very same vendor maybe 10 years ago. The plan was to get them sliced open. But I didn't end up doing that. They still sit in their shoebox, resembling baseballs made out of rock. Maybe someday.

The show was really great! It was free admission, and all kids under 12 scored a free rock. They even had a concession stand run by a local church, we got hot dogs and peanut butter fudge for our lunch. The minerals were on display in every shape and size. I was overwhelmed by the table in the middle selling beads - so beautiful! And of course the fossilized dinosaur poop made me think of Dad again too! We came home with a couple of treasures. Anyone ever seen spiderweb agate? My new favorite stone - hopefully soon to be a necklace. What a fun afternoon we had. Hopefully we'll make it back next year.


Prisoner of the Universe #2-16 said...

It is a good day when you can stay connected to your family and enjoy it.
"Making adventures every day" is a life lesson and he didn't realize he was doing it; he was just having fun.

Prisoner of the Universe #2-16 said...

"Making Adventures out of every day curiousness"