Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tuesday Lunch Date

Keith and I wandered downtown Tuesday and didn't know where we were going until we ended up at the Morgantown Brewing Company for our lunch date.  For a change of pace we sat in the dining room, which is all dark wood and low lights and all over the walls are drawings of different parts of the city.  Very cool, I would like to get some of that art for my own house!  They were out of Alpha Blonde, which is one of Keith's favorite beers, so that was a big old bummer to start with.  Fortunately for me there was plenty of Coal City Stout on tap, and Tuesdays are Two, Two, Two Beers for the price of One! Unfortunately, I couldn't drink 2 beers.
We usually end up at the BrewPub on nice afternoons when we can sit on the deck and watch traffic stream across the Westover Bridge.  Yesterday was cold and windy, and we were hungry, so we sat in the dining room and ordered lunch.  I have to say I was not terribly impressed with the food there.  I got a Veggie Melt, and it was just so-so.  Really, it was the sad wilted lettuce that threw me. Perhaps the sandwich was microwaved, or they put the lettuce on it and then sat it under a holding lamp for a while. Either way, ick.  If I were making that sandwich at home, I would have done it differently, and it wouldn't have been so greasy or cost me nine freaking bucks. 
The onion rings were just OK, and they could have been warmer.  I LOVE onion rings, but even with Keith's help I couldn't eat them all.
Keith's fish sandwich was ok, he said, but not particularly hot.  It looked nice and crispy but evidently was on the cold and greasy side.  The fries were the weird seasoned kind that I don't particularly care for, but I ate some of them anyway because it is my job as Keith's wife to never let him eat all of anything ever again.  He gave me the last french fry but I clumsily dropped it on the floor, smearing catchup on every article of clothing I was wearing, and then it got stuck in the tread of my shoe.  So yeah, maybe we got caught in a little cosmic eddie of mediocrity.  But the BrewPub sandwich prices are higher than most of our other regular lunch haunts, and in my opinion the food is just not good enough for me to pay two extra dollars.  Because I am a cheap bastard.

I love having beers at the BrewPub, the bartender is awesome, the beers are tasty, and the atmosphere is pleasant.  In the future I am just going to have my meal somewhere else.

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