Sunday, August 02, 2015

August First

Just shy of a year since I moved out of Edgehill House, I am moving back in.

The place needs a lot of work.  But I'm up to the task.

After a fit of self pity and a fight with my boyfriend, I decided what my soul really needed was to clean the toilet.  It is some kind of Zen thing I've heard about and thought about, that sort of links the grime in your life to the grime in your mind, and you kind of clean them both up at the same time.

So I started in the bathroom.  Mom got me a new toilet seat and some paper towels, and I spent the day cleaning the necessary space.  My mother cleaned the back porch and kicked a lot of butt.  We talked and ate food and it was good.  By the time I screwed the new toilet seat on, I felt a lot better about my situation.  (thanks Mom)

Sleeping on the couch cuz there's currently no place to put my bed yet.  That's a project for tomorrow.  Day one was difficult, and good.

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