Saturday, September 17, 2016

Checking in

Oh Hai Best Beloveds.  here is a picture of a drop of water that I found clinging to the leaf of my golden pothos.  This plant came from Aldi and has been a loving and tolerant houseplant.  It doesn't have a name, this life form that hangs above my toilet and reaches for you every time you walk by. Currently it has reached a tendril to the sink, every morning it is a leeetle beet longer, leaves creep open over the course of a week.  I think after I repaint the bathroom I will let it grow up the walls.  Mighty Nameless Pothos, Heir to the Bathroom Window and Lord Chancellor of Sink Miror Wall.  
In the background you can see my newest mirror, hanging out on the wall while I try to figure out what color to paint the frame.  I am almost certain that something lives in that mirror, in a parallel universe where things really do live in mirrors.  I am going to spend some time with the mirror and see if I can suss the something out. 
Also out of focus in the upper left hand corner of the picture, you can see a bit of The Unknown Citrus - a tree in a pot that has been here for several years but I can't remember from whence it came.  Perhaps one day it will produce a fruit?  
Last but not least there are two Charlies in this picture.  Once upon a time, when I lived in the Treehouse apartment, I had a large lovely Sweedish ivy in my tower kitchen. It reminded me of Creeping Charlie which is a different plant altogether, but I began thinking of the plant as Charlie.  (There is a book called Travels with Charlie, written by John Steinbeck, that my Dad liked.  I think about it a lot, and I talked to this plant sometimes about what was going on in my life, as if I were talking to my Dad.) Charlie has faced many tragedies since I moved back in with the cats though, and every time he gets knocked over I try to salvage his broken limbs.  I think there are 6 little Charlies now.  I am trying to get one to grow in every room of my house - this is an impossible challenge due to light and cats, but I am working on it. 

I recently read this article about how trees can talk to each other.  

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