Thursday, June 07, 2012

Lindsay's Mint Leaf February Baby Sweater

 Knittin' with the Kittens

I have made several versions of this pattern in the past few years.  To spice it up this time I picked out a lace pattern with a 14 stitch repeat, Beech Leaf Lace.  I was inspired by the minty color of the yarn.  It came from my friend Stacy's stash, which she generously handed down to me not too long ago.  I don't usually buy acrylic blends, so this Plymouth Dreambaby DK would never have found it's way onto my needles otherwise.  I was pleasantly surprised by how soft it is, and the color is just lovely.  Moms appreciate wash-ability in baby items, so being an acrylic blend is a good thing for this application. I hope it still fits the baby, who has been waiting very patiently and probably doesn't even need a sweater during this second warmest spring on the record books...
 The sleeves were done last, in the round.  Which is not how EZ says to do it, but it worked ok for me.
 Finally, after languishing for a month waiting for buttons, the sweater is finished.
Kitties can not resist knitted things.

Here is the link to my project on Ravelry.  If you are a Raveler, send me a message or something!  I don't have the social networking aspect of that website quite worked out, but man, can I make use of their incredible pattern library!

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